When an emergency incident occurs the blue lights (police, fire and rescue and ambulance services) generally take the lead for the response phase and set the strategy for dealing with the initial impact.

Almost as soon as the incident occurs the local authorities will be looking at the longer term recovery aspects.

The scale of recovery can vary from little impact to whole communities devastated with the recovery period taking months or even years to complete. The rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating the community following an emergency or disaster, continues until the disruption has been rectified, demands on services have been returned to normal levels, and the needs of those affected have been met.

One of the most distressing events is a flood where possessions may have been lost and damage to the home means residents face an extended spell in temporary accommodation while the property is dried out and repaired.

Those who have insurance will get assistance from their insurance company.

Advice on cleaning-up, repairs, insurance and where to get help can be found on the links below.

Additional information on how to prevent future flooding can be found in our Flooding information.